New Version 7.1

We present the new version Indexapp with great improvements in the synchronization processes and the update of the subscription plans to include these new options.

Sage 50c integration

Version 7.1 introduces a new synchronization model adapted to companies that do not have a dedicated server or post to perform the synchronization.

Previously the synchronization was done at a Sage 50c station chosen by the customer, this approach had the advantage of not having to have another external application on the machine, but on the other hand whenever a synchronization of orders or products started, it blocked the application for a few seconds preventing the user to work with the Sage 50c.

To solve this situation an external application was developed that connects to the Sage API and shares all the features previously developed in Indexapp.

The synchronizer starts automatically at the configured station and using the API maintains all synchronization functionality.

Importing Documents

The integration of documents through the configuration of the Indexapp Profiles allows importing transactions through Online Stores (Shopify and Woocommerce) and WebApi directly into Sage, the application now developed allows in real time to issue the document in Sage 50c with the option of automatically creating the customers and items indicated in the transaction.

Update Articles

The real-time synchronization of item information with the integrated platforms through Webhooks or Online Stores requires that whenever a document affecting stock is issued, or the item's file is changed, the synchronization must start.

In this new version, the synchronization of the articles will also happen in the Synchronizer now external to the Sage 50c, thus allowing the Stock, Price, Images, etc. information to be synchronized without blocking the Sage 50c.

Email Notifications

In previous versions, the consultation of the Logs registered by the Indexapp application for consultation directly on the Sage 50c had already been implemented. In order to speed up the detection, a notification system with a simple configuration in the Indexapp was implemented.

Email Server

The Email Configuration screen allows you to indicate the SMTP account data for sending notifications

Configuring the SMTP Account for Sending User Configuration

Configuring the SMTP Account for Sending

User Configuration

In the configuration of users, you must select the user who receives the notification of alerts and indicate the email and activate the option "Receive alert for documents pending tax."

User Configuration

Online Store Management

The possibility of accessing the article in the Online Store backoffice for integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce through the article sheet in Sage 50c was found to be quite useful for making changes quickly in the Online Store.

As of version 7.1, the option to deactivate the item in the Online Store and even eliminate synchronization from Sage 50c is now available.

Items Sync Configuration Screen in Sage 50c

Items Sync Configuration Screen in Sage 50c

Indexapp Core Plan

The new Indexapp Core plan comes after several integrations that only intend to update the information of the articles and import the orders had no need for the requirements that are now in the Indexapp Standard plan.

The Standard Plan requires the creation of a Sql database to provide the features:

  • Centralized synchronization
  • Automatic import
  • Import Profiles
  • User Profiles

The Core Plan does not require installation of the service and connection to the Sql database and provides it.

  • Real-Time Article Synchronization
  • Manual Import of Transactions

New Service

The installation of version 7.1 updates the new service that provides new methods for integrating with external systems.

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