Welcome to IndexCore Project

We are happy to see you here, if you don't know how our software could help you continue reading this blog post that we will share all the details.

Our Story

We start in 2011 building the first integrations with Magento stores and Sage ERP to sync all the information of the products, price, stock, imagens, etc...

At the beginning we sync with excel files, not the best way but worked well in that time.

After that in 2016 we start developing automated software witch integrates via API developed by Sage with eCommerce stores, Shopify and WooCommerce, but this time we have the integration of Products and Sales.

Our Goals

The main goal is to help small business to have an easy integration with ERP Solutions, where all the data of the business is managed, like stock, customers, supliers.

We suggest exploring our Blog posts to understand in more detail IndexCore tools.