Affiliate Terms

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is a person who promotes a brand to their audience and is able to do this through their authority, knowledge or relationship with their audience.

Being an affiliate can be rewarding. If you refer someone to Indexcore website and they then make a purchase, you will be paid a sales commission by the store. The sales commission will be a % of the total order value (minus any customer discounts, shipping and taxes)

Benefits of being an affiliate

  • It's free to join
  • Earn income from your existing social network
  • Support the brands and products that you love
  • Receive exclusive access to referrer only offers and promotions

What do I do as an affiliate?

When you join Indexcore affiliate marketing program, you will be issued a unique, personalised link and discount code. Your job is to use your link or code to promote Indexcore brand and products via your website, blog or social media channel(s). You can do this in many ways, for example:

  • Posting your personal content that promotes the brand's products
  • Creating product review blogs or vlogs. E.g. a Youtube review
  • Sharing the store's posts or ads (with your link/code included)
  • Word of mouth marketing

Where do I get my affiliate link / discount code?

You can find both your link and code on your dashboard, simply scroll down to the Codes & Links section.

How do I create product specific affiliate links?

You can create a product or collection specific affiliate link, by adding your affiliate code to any product URL. E.g.

Product specific link example

You can convert a product link such as to an affiliate link, by changing it to become:

Collection specific link example

The same concept applies to collection links.

So if your affiliate code was sarah, replace discount/YOUR-CODE-HERE with discount/sarah.

What happens when someone clicks this link?

Your code will be automatically added to the customer's shopping cart
The ?redirect=/products/ or ?redirect=/collections/ parameter is important. This will redirect the person to the product page that you want to take them. You must include a / in front of products or collections.

If you want to add additional URL parameters, add them to the end of the URL using the following format: &my_param=some_value. The & is required.

What does my account status mean? Is my account approved?

You account's code and link will only work if your account status is approved.

Your dashboard shows your status. Your status can be either:

  • Approved: You're ready to start marketing and earning!
  • Pending approval: This means that your account is pending approval by the store. Please wait for the store to approve your account before using your code or link. Once approved, you will be notified by email. Our technical support can not help with approvals.
  • Suspended: If the status is suspended, the store has revoked your access and your code and link have been disabled.

How do I earn commission?

Sales commission is credited to you when:

  • A customer completes an order using your affiliate link or;
  • A customer completes an order using your affiliate code.

How does link tracking work?

We use cookies, local storage and IP matching to track your leads (people who click on your link). These trackers exist for 30 days and then expire. This is consistent with the majority of affiliate marketing products on the market today.

When someone clicks my link is my affiliate code added to their cart?

Yes, your affiliate code is automatically added to the customers' cart when they click your affiliate link. This approach simplifies their shopping experience and increases your conversion rate.

How is my commission calculated?

Indexcore will have one or more affiliate promotions. These are like sales promotions but for affiliate . Each promotion will define its own affiliate commission policy. I.e. If you sell product X you get 15% commission on orders containing X. For every promotion that you join, you will be given a unique, personalised affiliate link and code. This allows us to track your promotion specific performance and ensure that you earn the correct commission.

When an order is received, we correlate it to a specific promotion. We use the commission rules that the store has specified for that promotion to calculate your commission. Commissions are calculated on the pre-tax and shipping value of the order minus any customer discounts. If an order is refunded or changed, your commission will be re-calculated based on the new value.


  • Your affiliate commission is 10%.
  • When customers use your affiliate code, they get a 20% discount.
  • You've referred Sarah from Instagram and she has created an order with the store worth 80€ (100€ before discount). This amount does not include taxes / shipping.
  • Your commission is calculated as 10% of 80€. Which is 8€.

 How can I track my commission?

You can view all orders that your affiliate account has generated from the Indexcore > Orders page. From this page, you'll be able to see:

  • The order you created
  • The order's value
  • The order's status
  • Your commission (amount owed / paid)


What happens if a customer returns a product or changes their order?

We only allow commissions to be paid out for orders that have been fulfilled and are at least 30 days old. This prevents incorrect commission payments from being made. We also track the full life-cycle of orders. This means that we track order changes, refunds and cancellations so you can be assured that affiliate rewards are always correctly calculated.

What should I NOT do as an affiliate?

Our system automatically monitors all usage of affiliate links and codes and red-flags incorrect usage. Sales commission on orders that were created under any of the following scenarios will be voided. We reserve the right to cancel your account without notice should you violate any of these conditions.

You should not:

  • Use Bots to generate leads.
  • Spam social media groups / channels
  • Post your affiliate code on coupon websites and;
  • Buy products using your influencer discount code.


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